Kick Start Your Body 7 Minutes Hight-Intensity Interval Training Fit Drills Training Plan

Reduce body fat and increase aerobic capacity in the shortest time possible.

Feel the difference after each workout. We think that this short and powerful routine with high-intensity bodyweight exercises should never be too far away, ready for you to start jumping, pushing and strengthening your core muscles in an extremely efficient way.

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Science Based

The Fit Drills 7 Minutes high-intensity circuit training follows the original format for such short high-intensity workouts. It has been published in American College of Sports Medicine.

12 Exercises for 30 seconds with 10 seconds rest

The original format features 12 30-second exercises with 10 second breaks between exercises.

Program Structure

This program consists of just one workout with 12 exercises which you can repeat several times a week.

You can use the following ideas to use the same workout over a couple of weeks.

Phase 1

In the first few weeks you will aim at repeating the workout three to five times a week or even daily.

Focus on proper posture and technique. Don’t try to do as many repetitions as possible. Execute each repetition in a slow and controlled way.

Focus on different parts of your body during the exercise. Breath regularly.

Check the exercise list below to learn more about each exercise.

Phase 2

Once you are confident with each exercise and feel that it gets easier for you to repeat it correctly for thirty seconds, you can increase the load by repeating the complete workout two to three times on the same days. Add a day of rest after each workout in this case.

Repeat for a couple of weeks.

Phase 3

Now you are ready to increase the intensity too.

Try to do as many correct repetitions in each interval as possible.

Keep the brakes to ten seconds.

Enjoy the Progress!

Variation is an important principle of physical training.

After six to twelve weeks with this extraordinarily simple and efficient workout, it’s time to start varying at least a few exercises or switch to a completely different training plan for a while.

Talk to your coach or fitness trainer for new ideas.

The more advanced you get the more important it will be to tailor workout routines to your personal capabilities and needs.