Chair Tricep Dip


Use a stable chair or bench

Start Position

Firmly prop the bodyweight with both arms on the chair behind you. The thumbs point forward or to the side. Such external rotation of the arms opens the chest. Keep the chest up, pull the shoulders back and down. Position the feet in front of the body


Bend the arms. Keep the chest high, shoulders back and down while the elbows move backward and your buttocks down

End Position

Lower the body to the ground without putting a strain on the wrists and shoulders. It's safer and more efficient to keep the chest up and shoulders pulled back and down instead of bending the arms too much


Press the hands into the chair. Straighten the arms to push the body back up to the start position without locking them out


Back to the start position. Repeat for the planned number of times


Strengthen the triceps muscles on the back of the upper arms