7 Minutes HIT Circuit Training With Pull-up Alternative

7 Minutes Workouts are a great way to kick start your body and maintain a basic level of overall fitness. We thought adding a pull move might make it even better.

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Are Chatbots Useful Helpers in the Gym?

Can chatbots turn messaging apps into useful helpers instead of just distracting us from an intense and efficient workout? Start a chat with Fit Drills in Facebook Messenger to check how it works. Will you track and share the results for Your next workout in this way?

Are Chatbots Useful Helpers in the Gym?2019-03-25T16:59:33+01:00

Daniel Frey – Dream Job Personal Trainer

Daniel Frey is a Swiss personal trainer who found his dream job. He developed his own training style together with the participants in his small group workouts. It's called Deep Body Awareness, a full body workout for everyone interested in longterm health and physical performance.

Daniel Frey – Dream Job Personal Trainer2018-11-22T16:18:38+01:00

Why We Do Participate in Sports

Physical activity and sports is such an elementary part of our lives, that some say movement is live and life is movement. The list presented here is my personal summary of some of the top reasons for doing sports. It is based on observation during my work as a fitness trainer in the gym and as a lifelong active athlete in many disciplines. Take the survey to rate the yourself.

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Swim 1500 m Straight for Beginners – The Ruth Kazez Plan

This plan inspired by Ruth Kazez brings you from zero to swimming 1500 m straight in about six weeks. Swimming is a great workout because you need to move your whole body against the resistance of the water. This works the cardiovascular system and brings all the benefits demonstrated for aerobic training with less impact.

Swim 1500 m Straight for Beginners – The Ruth Kazez Plan2019-05-29T20:42:15+01:00

Bridging Sports and Movement Cultures

Comparing sport and physical activity cultures around the world can obviously be of interest for social scientist. For practitioners interested in optimal training for their own discipline, it can be very useful too. The observation of different other sports disciplines and training communities and even more so the active interaction between their representatives can be a rewarding learning experience. International sport has traditionally always be seen as a way to build international friendship.

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Master New Movement Skills

During childhood we go through a phase of fast development where new movement skills are acquired with an impressive ease and playfulness. In the second half of our lifetime, we experience a partial reversal of this process. Some skills start getting more difficult to acquire or maintain and others become impossible at some stage. In between there is a long phase with an almost infinite choice of possibilities to develop our movement skills within the borders of our genetical potential.

Master New Movement Skills2018-10-19T21:41:29+01:00

Stronger On Gym Machines

How to get stronger and healthier on some of the most popular strength machines as safely and quickly as possible? The exercises in this simple workout cover all major muscle groups. It targets those muscles which work together in everyday  movements in a balanced way. Feel the difference after each workout and build a solid basic strength foundation for most everyday or sports activities.

Stronger On Gym Machines2018-10-18T17:06:54+01:00

First Pistol Squat For Beginners

Want to impress your friends with an amazing move? Master the deep squat on one leg. Follow our plan with all the details for each workout. Improve your flexibility, balance and strength needed for the pistol squat in about ten weeks.

First Pistol Squat For Beginners2018-11-23T16:56:41+01:00

Fit For The Slopes

With Fit Drills Workouts you will be ready for great fun on and off-piste. The free plan Kick-Start Your Body should be your first step. Practice this high-intensity full-body circuit three to five times a week and your body will say thank you right from the first run!

Fit For The Slopes2018-11-30T14:18:29+01:00

Personal Trainer With A Big Heart in Odessa

Meet Alexander Melnichenko for this interview in his home-town Odessa, Ukraine. He is a fitness personal trainer and TRX specialist who sees his profession as much more than showing workout exercises to his clients.

Personal Trainer With A Big Heart in Odessa2018-03-21T20:04:23+01:00

First 5k Run For Beginners

Jogging is an excellent fitness training where you run relaxed at a moderate speed. Did you ever dream of running five kilometers without a break? This program could well turn you into a 5k runner with a pace of about 7 minutes per kilometer in just about eight weeks.

First 5k Run For Beginners2018-10-23T17:47:15+01:00

First Pull-Ups For Beginners

This plan brings you safely from zero to eight pull-ups. With the Fit Drills plan for this progression, you will get all the details for each workout to build up the required strength, stamina and skills and reach your goal in the most efficient way.

First Pull-Ups For Beginners2018-10-12T21:38:26+01:00

High Intensity Bodybuilding With Mike Mentzer’s Heavy Duty Plan

Mike Mentzer has recommended workouts with one working set per exercise and breaks of one week and more between workouts. He thought that many athletes on volume plans seem to be constantly overtrained and therefore not progressing ideally.

High Intensity Bodybuilding With Mike Mentzer’s Heavy Duty Plan2018-11-23T14:32:30+01:00

Spontaneous vs. Planned Workouts

Is it better to exercise with a plan or is it better to have a more spontaneous workout routine? You may overhear this argument in the gym or you may have had this conversation with a friend of yours. Some will say that you should never go to the training without knowing exactly what you want to do there. But many people like to trust their instincts and workout based on how they feel as well.

Spontaneous vs. Planned Workouts2018-10-12T21:43:27+01:00

Get Strong With The Barbell

This simple plan for effective strength training with a linear increase of the weights on four basic barbell exercises has been made popular by Mark Rippetoe's book Starting Strength.

Get Strong With The Barbell2018-10-13T09:35:39+01:00

Kick-Start Your Body With 7 Minutes HIT Circuit Training

Reduce body fat and increase aerobic capacity in the shortest time possible. We think that this short and powerful routine with high-intensity bodyweight exercises should never be too far away, ready for you to start jumping, pushing and strengthening your core muscles in an extremely efficient way.

Kick-Start Your Body With 7 Minutes HIT Circuit Training2019-05-07T11:20:04+01:00

Tabata High-Intensity Intermittent Training

The Tabata training format was introduced by Japanese researcher Izumi Tabata in 1996. His study showed the effectiveness of short and highly intensive workouts to improve the aerobic stamina and anaerobic capacity of already well-trained athletes.

Tabata High-Intensity Intermittent Training2018-04-22T20:46:52+01:00

Denys Mykolenko Top Men’s Physique Ukraine

Denys Mykolenko is a top Men's Physique bodybuilding athlete and personal trainer from the town of Cherkassy in Ukraine. He came out of the Kiev Championship IFBB17 first, Diamond cup 17 /18 top three, cup of Ukraine 18 first and, 2018 EBFF Bodybuilding Amateur Championships second in the Men's Physique up to 182 cm. We thought that one of his training plans could best show how  hard he worked in the gym to get himself to the top level

Denys Mykolenko Top Men’s Physique Ukraine2018-10-18T11:10:47+01:00

Street Fitness With Style From Nikolaev, Ukraine

Meet Vitaluj Gumenij for this interview in his home-town Nikolaev, Ukraine. He is a professional street fitness athlete, coach and entrepreneur who invented his own Workout Style Dance on Bars, started the street fitness gym Workout Style Lab and is the initiator of a show crew with the same name.

Street Fitness With Style From Nikolaev, Ukraine2018-03-12T13:22:18+01:00
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