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7 Minutes high-intensity circuit training is a great way to kick off your body and maintain a basic level of overall fitness. We thought adding a pull move might make this popular routine even better.

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Why Is it Important to Have Pull Moves in a Workout?

Training antagonistic muscle groups in an unbalanced way is a common way to injuries. A common imbalance is overworking the chest versus the back. Complementing upper body push moves with row moves create muscle balance in this important body region. The row targets the back and shoulder muscles which balance the chest and lat muscles.

Any workout which aims at targeting the whole body should include a certain balance of push and pull moves for the main antagonistic muscle groups. That’s why I would recommend this 7 minutes workout with the inverted row as the more complete variant. In fact, I am already thinking about another variant which should include a pull moves for the lower body too.

How to Row And Pull Without a Bar?

Gravity makes it much easier to perform bodyweight push moves than rows or pull-ups. We can simply push our bodyweight off the ground or an object like a chair standing on the ground. The same is true for the legs. For pull moves, we need something very solid like a rock or a tree to pull ourselves up.

For this workout, we propose to use the Table Row.


Watch the Trapp Brothers excellent video for more pull-up alternatives without a pull-up bar.

Program Structure

This program builds upon Bret Klika’s and Chris Jordan’s original proposal for a short and intense circuit training. Read the Fit Drills blog post on this for all the details and check it out in the app store: Kick-Start Your Body With 7 Minutes HIT Circuit Training.

Enjoy Even More Progress!

Variation is an important principle of physical training.

After six to twelve weeks with this extraordinarily simple and efficient workout, it’s time to start varying at least a few exercises or completely different training plans.

Talk to your coach or trainer for new ideas.

The more advanced you get the more important it will be to tailor workout routines to your personal capabilities and needs.

Health Disclaimer

As always Fit Drills presents you this information for educational purposes only. We cannot take any responsibility for any of your training activities and recommend you to always discuss them with a professional fitness trainer.

Author: Fit Drills AG, Andreas Schneider

Last Updated: 2019-04-25