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How to get stronger and healthier on some of the most popular strength machines as safely and quickly as possible? The exercises in this simple workout cover all major muscle groups. It targets those muscles which work together in everyday  movements in a balanced way. Feel the difference after each workout and build a solid basic strength foundation for most everyday or sports activities.

Plan Structure

Each workout with 10 to 12 exercises can be completed in about half an hour.

No warm-up needed as the exercises are performed with a moderate weight and extremely slow.

Repeat the same workout 1 to 3 times per week.

Perform each exercise once.

Alternate upper body and leg exercises for an extra effect on the cardiovascular system and optimal recovery.

Rest 1 – 2 minutes between exercises.

How to Make High Intensity Training Work for You

Slow movements and relatively high weights are one of the keys which make high intensity training very effective if your goal is  strength, toning and long term health.

Choose a weight which does not allow you to complete more than 10 extremely slow repetitions with correct form.

Perform the 9 to 10 repetitions in 90 to 100 seconds. Example: 4 seconds up, 2 seconds hold, 4 seconds down.

This slow movement allows you to focus on high muscle tension and correct form on each single repetition.

As soon as you can do 10 repetitions in 100 seconds, it’s time to increase the weight on the next workout.

Variety: Replace one exercise every 4 to 6 weeks.

Intensity Techniques

Use these techniques to increase intensity:

Rest: Rest 10 seconds after the failed repetition and add 1 to 2 additional repetitions after that

Reduce Weight: Take 20 to 30% weight off after the failed repetition and continue for a few more reps with the reduced weight