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  • alexander-melnichenko

Personal Trainer With A Big Heart in Odessa

Meet Alexander Melnichenko for this interview in his home-town Odessa, Ukraine. He is a fitness personal trainer and TRX specialist who sees his profession as much more than showing workout exercises to his clients.

  • Man on chest press machine

Stronger On Gym Machines

With this full body strength machines program, you will get strong in the gym as safely and quickly as possible. The 12 exercises cover the major muscle groups and strengthen those muscles who work together for the main movements in a balanced way.

  • Learn to move and reach your goals with the right drills

Learn to Move and Reach Goals With the Right Drills

This blog post describes the Fit Drills training philosophy. We call it the open human movement and performance framework or learn to move and reach your goals with the right drills.

  • Denis Mikolenko

Professional Bodybuilding Ukraine

We meet Denis Mikolenko for this interview in his home-town Cherkassy, Ukraine. He is a professional bodybuilder and personal trainer.

  • Pistol Squat

First Pistol Squat For Beginners

Master the deep squat on one leg. This program gives you all the details of each workout until you master your pistol squat with ease after only about ten weeks.

  • skier

Fit For The Slopes

With Fit Drills Workouts you will be ready for great fun on and off-piste. The free plan Kick-Start Your Body should be your first step. Practice this high-intensity full-body circuit three to five times a week and your body will say thank you right from the first run!

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