Table Row End Fit Drills Exercise


Table row is a good variation when you don't have a pull-up bar which is the ideal equipment pull-ups or inverted rows. Use a sturdy table which you can not break or overturn. Lay under the table with bent legs and feet standing on the floor. Grab the edge of the table top with both hands slightly wider than shoulder width

Start Position

Pull your body off the floor a bit. Lift the chest towards the head, pulling the shoulders back and towards the feet at the same time. This is your starting position.


Bend your arms pulling the body up towards the table top. Feel the strength of the movement flowing from the back through the arms and into the hands

End Position

Pull yourself up to the table top as far as safely possible. Keep the high chest and shoulders back and down at all time


Straighten the arms again. Lower the body back to the start position in a slow and controlled way


Build a strong upper body. Strength for pull movements with the arms and a strong grip. Strengthen the back, shoulders and arms, especially the latissimus and biceps. Get ready for the pull-up


Make sure that your that you use a sturdy table which cannot break, turn over and fall on you!