Barbell Overhead Press End Fit Drills Exercise


Go to a weight lifting room for this exercise. Get professional instruction to make sure that you are ready to perform it correctly. Adjust the height of the rack to un-rack the barbell from a standing position. Load the weight according to plan. Grab the bar right outside the shoulders. Without a rack, perform a clean to get the barbell up to the starting position

Start Position

Keep the wrists rather flat or slightly extended. Use a thumbless grip. The bar should not be deep in the hands. Stand upright. The forearms are vertical and perpendicular to the bar with elbows slightly in front of the barbell. The bar does not need to touch the collar bones. Squeeze the buttocks, brace the abs


Push the bar up in a straight line over mid foot. Don't move the bar around your head. With a slight body lean at the hips move the head out of the way of the bar. Keep the lower back neutral all the time and the back straight and tall

End Position

Push the bar all the way up over the head. Bring the head back between the arms. Stand strong and tall. Keep your buttocks and abdominals tight


Bend the shoulders and arms to bring the barbell back down in a straight line over mid foot. Use the shoulder and arm muscles to make the movement slow and controlled. Keep the elbows in front of the bar which does not need to touch the collar bones


Back to the start position. Repeat for the planned number of times


Get strong shoulders. Build big shoulders. Strength for a vertical push with the arms. Powerful arm swing - better jumping mechanics. Strengthen the shoulders, arms, abdominals and back, primarily anterior and medial deltoids