This program will turn you into a 5k runner with a pace of about 7 minutes per kilometer in just about eight weeks.

It guides you through each workout with a tried and tested progression of running and walking intervals which will build up your stamina, needed muscles, and cardiovascular capacity to achieve this goal.

Always enjoy the flow of smooth running, keeping your perceived exertion level in the moderate range with a heart rate around 60% of your maximum heart rate.

Never continue a workout if you feel uneasy or any kind of pain. You can always reset a workout and re-run it again. The app allows you to repeat each workout or cycle until you feel ready to move on.

Complete the workouts in the proposed sequence.

Take your time. Rest and recovery are as important as the workout. The plan proposes three workouts per week. This means that you should always take a day or two off between workouts or as long as you need to feel ready for the next run.

Author: Andreas Schneider

Inspired by the popular FITNESS22 LTD 5k Runner app.

Last updated: 17 September 2017