Sumo Squat

Precautions: “Sumo” technique requires your lower back muscles to be very strong. Thus, it is recommended to additionally strengthen this area, by performing such exercises as “hyperextension” to help protect your spine.

  1. Place your feet 10 inches wider than your shoulders with your toes pointed out (outward) at approximately 45-degree angle. This is your starting position.
  2. From the starting position begin to move the pelvis down and back, while bending your knees (not pushing knees forward) and leaning your core slightly forward. Inhaling, slowly descend forward.
  3. In lower point your core lean is equal to approximately 45 degrees, your back is completely straight, and your pelvis is fully drawn back. Exhaling, quickly stand up, returning to the starting position.

Tip: The more your legs are stretched, the easier this exercise to perform. Due to well-stretched muscles, you can place your feet at a maximum distance from each other.

Don’t curve your back, you should keep it straight during all round. Be sure to spread your shoulders, and to slightly arch your lower back. Correct position of the core will be easier kept if your head is faced forward. You can even lift up your head higher, forward and up.