Shoulder Width Chin-Up Hold Fit Drills Exercise


For this exercise you need a horizontal bar, rafter or similar structure where you can pull yourself up with the palms of your hands facing you

Start Position

Hanging from the bar or rafter with the palms of the hands facing you and about shoulder width apart or slightly wider. Thighten the grip on the bar. Pull the shoulders back and down to activate the back muscles. Alternatively the start position can be from a full stretch of the back muscles for each repetition


Bend the arms to pull yourself up. Activate the abdominals to keep the core stable

Static Position

Pull the body over the bar or rafter to sternum height. Hold this position


Hold the end position for the planned duration


Straighten the arms again to let the body down


Back to the start position. Repeat for the planned number of times


Strengthen the upper body especially the biceps muscles on the front of the arms and latissimus back muscles