1. This exercise is best performed inside a squat rack for safety purposes. To begin, adjust the racks so that the bar is just below shoulder level. Load the barbell with appropriate weight. Step under the bar and place it on the back of your shoulders (slightly below the neck).
  2. Hold the bar with both arms and lift it off the rack by contracting your legs and torso. This is your starting position.
  3. Step away with your right foot while the left one remains stationary on its place. Inhaling, lower your upper body down, while keeping the waist and back upright. Do not allow your knee of the front leg to go forward, it should be left on the same parallel with the foot. Your front shin should be perpendicular to the floor.
  4. Pushing up using your foot, go back to the starting position as you exhale. If you want to load the quads, push yourself from the floor using the toes of your foot. But for emphasis on buttocks, push yourself using the heels of your foot.
  5. Repeat for the recommended amount of repetitions and then switch the legs.