Parallel Grip Seated Row Machine Start Position Fit Drills Exercise
Parallel Seated Row Machine End Position Fit Drills Exercise


Adjust the chest support to make sure your extended arms reach the handles in start positions without a need to bend forward too much. Adjust the seat height so that your elbows and hands are at chest height or lower in the start position

Исходное положение

Sit proud and tall in front of the chest support. Grab the handles. Pull the shoulder blades back and down. Lift the chest up at the same time. The chest should hardly touch the support if at all


Pull the shoulder blades back. Bend the arms and pull the hands back towards the body

Конечное положение

Pull the hands back as far as possible. Hold the end position for a moment


Extend the arms again. Keep the back straight and tall. Keep pulling the shoulder blades back and down to make the move slow and controlled


From the start position repeat for the planned number of times


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