Supported Pistol Squat End Fit Drills Exercise


Stand on a firm underground. Use a solid wall bar or rail to hold on to. It should help you not to fall backward. A sling, rope or even a towel wrapped around a door fall or similar could be useful too. Carefully check the stability!

Start Position

Stand upright. Feet shoulder width apart or a bit wider. The toes are pointing outwards. Lift the chest up. Shift the weight onto one leg and lift the other foot off the floor. Hold on to the support with one or both hands


Bend the hips and knee of the standing leg at the same time. Lower the buttocks downwards and back. Keep the chest high and the back straight. Press the knee out to keep it over the foot. Stretch the free leg to keep the balance. Pull with the arms to prevent falling backward

End Position

Lower the buttocks as far as your strength and flexibility allow without losing the balance and perfect posture. Pull with the arms to prevent falling backward


Press the foot of the standing leg into the ground. Engage the buttocks and leg muscles to extend hip and leg and push the body back up. Stretch the free leg and both arms out in front of you to keep the balance. Pull with the arms to keep the balance and support the legs if needed


Back to the start position. Repeat for the planned number of times. Switch legs and repeat


Strengthen the legs, mainly buttocks gluteus maximus and muscles on the front of the thighs quadriceps. Balance on one leg