1. Legs are slightly bent at the knees and turned aside (this is done for the workout convenience and balance retention). Place one hand behind your head. (You can put the palm on nape or close to your ear). Your elbow should be pointed forward.
  2. Place the other hand so that your palm is on abs and close to the crunched side. (By doing so, you can feel and control correct reduction of oblique core muscles.)
  3. Legs bent at the knees and turned to the side. For example, if you train your oblique muscles on the right, turn your legs to the left, and the core slightly to the right. This is your starting position.
  4. From the starting position, exhale and simultaneously pull the right elbow to your right knee, as if you want to reach it.


  • After crunch, hold peak contraction, i.e. 2 seconds pause for more intensive work of abdominal muscles.
  • After a pause, inhale, while returning to the starting position.

Precautions: Returning to the starting position, don’t relax completely. During the entire exercise, hold tension in the target muscles.