Rowing Machine Fit Drills Exercise


Sit down on the rowing machine. Adjust the foot supports and fixation. Check that the seat is moving freely. Set the terminal according to your training plan and preferences. Grab the handle with bent legs and check that everything is working fine with a few slow rows

Start Position

Start with bent legs. Keep the back straight and tall. The arms are straight in front of you. This phase is called the catch


Start extending the legs. Once the handle passes the feet, make the upper body tall and pull the shoulders back. As soon as your upper body is fully upright, start bending the the arms and pull the handle towards the body. Keep the handle at the same height all the time. This phase is called the slide or pull-through

End Position

The pull-through ends with straight legs and the hands touching the body. Shoulders and elbows are pulled back. With a straight and tall back the upper body is leaning backward a bit


Bring the upper body back to upright. Bend the legs and actively pull the feet towards you to move the body forward again. Keep the handle at the same height all the time. This phase is called the roll-back or recovery. It should take double the time than the pull-through


Back to the start position. Repeat for the planned duration. You might count for the right timing - 1 (Pull-Through) 2, 3 (Roll-Back) and so on. Try to make your movements as dynamic and flowing as possible


Cardiovascular endurance. Full body strength endurance, primarily legs, arms, and back muscles. Preparation for outdoor rowing