Parallel Grip Pull-Down Machine

Parallel Grip Pull-Down Machine End Fit Drills Exercise


Set the weight according to the plan. Select the correct handle for parallel grip on some machine types. Adjust the seat height to make sure you have to pull down the loaded handles a bit to sit down. Once seated the muscles should be loaded even when you stretch the arms and shoulders up as far as you can

Start Position

Keep the chest high. Pull the shoulder blades back and down. This should already put the load on your arms. Keep the arms straight without locking them out


Pull the shoulder blades down and bend the arms to pull the handles further down

End Position

Pull down until your hands are to the side and in front of the chest. Keep the chest high and shoulder blades pulled back and down


Straighten the arms again. Keep the chest high. Pull the shoulder blades back and down. Keep the muscles in the back and arms engaged to make the movement slow and controlled


Back to start position. Repeat for the planned number of times


Build a strong upper body. Strength for pull movements with the arms. Strengthen the back, shoulders and arms, especially the latissimus and biceps