Parallel Grip Overhead Press Machine End Position Fit Drills Exercise


Set the weight according to the plan. Select the correct handle for parallel grip on some machine types. Adjust the seat height to make sure that you will pick up the weight a bit under the start position and the muscles wont relax at the lowest point of the move. Sit down on the machine

Start Position

Lean back. Keep the chest high. Grab the handles from the outside and pick the weight up in the start position at about shoulder height. Pull the shoulder blades back and down. Engage the core


Push the hands straight up

End Position

Push the handle up until your arms are straight. Keep the shoulders pulled back and down


Lower the hands again. Bend the arms. Keep the elbows close to the body straight under the hands


Back to start position. Repeat for the planned number of times


Get strong shoulders. Build big shoulders. Strength for a vertical push with the arms. Powerful arm swing - better jumping mechanics. Strengthen the shoulders and arms, primarily anterior and medial deltoids