Parallel Bar Dip Start Fit Drills Exercise
Parallel Bar Dip End Fit Drills Exercise


For this exercise you need a parallel bar. Ideally the distance between the bars is about shoulder width. Some bars might be V-shaped to put more weight on the chest instead of the arms. Climb or step up tho the bars. Take a firm grip. Try to keep the wrists as straight as possible to reduce unwanted pressure on them

Start Position

On straight arms, keep the chest up, shoulders pulled back and down. Keep a straight back. Contract the abs and buttocks to stabilise the core. Lean the upper body slightly forward. The feet are together or crossed


Bend your arms to lower the body down. Keep the elbows close to the body to target the arms. Flare them out a bit to get more load onto the chest. Slightly leaning forward puts more load onto the chest too. Keep the chest up, shoulders pulled back and down

End Position

Go down as far as your strength and flexibility allows. Don't put unwanted stress on the wrists, elbow or shoulder joints


Extend the arms again to push the body up. Keep the chest high, shoulders pulled back and down


Back to the start position. Repeat for the planned number of times


Build a strong upper body. Strength for push movements with the arms. Strengthen the chest, arms, and shoulders, especially pectoralis, triceps, and anterior deltoids