Leg Press



Set the weight according to plan. Adjust the distance of the foot platform slightly lower than the start position. Lay down on the back support. Position your feet about shoulder width apart on the platform. Toes are pointing slightly outwards.

Start Position

Activate the core. Press the feet against the platform to engage the muscles of the buttocks and on the front of your thighs. Push the platform a bit up to release it from the fixation. In the start position, the knees should not be locked out


Bend the knees and hips. This makes the platform moving down and towards your buttocks

End Position

Let the platform move down until the knees past the hips. This makes the angle in the knees about ninety degrees or a bit less. Hold this position for a moment


Press the feet into to platform. Engage the buttocks to move it back up. Extend the hips and knees


Back to the start position. Repeat for the planned number of times