Dumbbell Bent Arm Pull-Over End Fit Drills Exercise
Dumbbell Bent Arm Pull-Over Start Fit Drills Exercise


For this exercise, you need a dumbbell and a flat bench. Choose a dumbbell weight according to plan. Make sure the dumbbell is safe and cannot fall apart over your face! Get professional advice, how to safely get yourself and the barbell into the starting position. You can either put it onto the bench and roll over to one side to pick it up or hold it on one of your thighs while sitting down on the floor with the back against the bench. Ask a spotter or coach to help you to reduce the risk of a dumbbell falling on your face or chest!

Start Position

With only your shoulders on the bench, extend the hips to lift the hips and bring shoulders, hips, and knees into one line. With the elbows slightly bent lower the dumbbell behind your head as far as you can. Don't let the elbows flare out. Lower the hips a bit in the same time to create a good stretch of the lats


Pull the hands up and over your head. Focus on creating the momentum with the lats as much as possible. Don't let the elbows flare out

End Position

Don't move too far over your chest to keep the tension on the lats


Bring the dumbbell back behind your head and down again. Keep the lats engaged to make the movement slow and controlled


Back to the start position. Repeat for the planned number of times


Build a strong back and chest. Strength for overhead pulls. Strengthen the back, chest, arms, and shoulders, especially latissimus and pectoralis. Focus on back or chest