Barbell Back Squat Low-Bar Fit Drills Exercise


Go to a weight lifting room with power racks. Get professional instruction to make sure you perform this exercise correctly. Whenever you can, work out with a coach or partner, who can support you. Adjust the height of the rack to un-rack the barbell from a standing position. Load the bar with the planned weight. Go under the bar and pick it up right on top of your posterior deltoids. Use an open grip, where the hand including the thumb is on top of the bar. The wrists should be straight. Lift the elbows up. Forearms and elbows should be closely aligned with the torso. Make the grip as narrow as possible to support this bar position. Finally push the bar out of the rack and make a step to stand free

Start Position

Stand up tall. The neck is long with the chin slightly tucked in. Look at the floor a few meters in front of you. The back is straight and long, legs straight with the feet shoulder width apart or a bit wider and slightly pointing outward


Bend the hips and knees at the same time to let the barbell descend on a straight line over the mid foot. Move the buttocks back and down. Press the knees outward and let them move forward over the feet. Depending on body geometry they might go over the toes. Keep them over the feet. Keep the back strong and tall

End Position

Let the buttocks go down until the hips are about level with the knees or slightly lower. Push the knees outward over the feet. Keep the back straight and tall all the time


Look at the floor in front of you with your eyes. Keep the back straight and tall. Engage the legs and buttocks to push the hips back up


Back to the start position. Repeat for the planned number of times


Get strong legs. Strength for leg push and hip extension movements. Strengthen the buttocks, legs, and core and back, primarily the quadriceps on the front of the thighs and gluteal muscles at the buttocks