Barbell Deadlift Fit Drills Exercise


Go to a professional weight lifting room for this exercise. Get proper instruction to make sure you are ready to perform it correctly. You might also consider working with the Romanian deadlift first if this is a new exercise for you. Load the weight according to plan and fix it safely

Start Position

Approach the bar so that it is centered over your feet. Your feet should be about shoulder width apart and toes slightly pointing out. Grab the bar about shoulder width with the palms facing the body. Many lifters use alternating grip where one hand is facing the body and the other looking away from it too. Bend your hips and knees until the shins touch the bar. Keep the back straight and strong, chest high, shoulders back and down. The shoulders should be slightly in front of the bar. Look straight forward to the ground, the neck long and tall with the chin slightly tucked in


Press the feet to the ground. Engage your legs and buttocks to pull the bar up in a straight line over mid foot. Engage the lats to prevent the bar moving away from the legs. Once the bar passes the knees extend your hips with an explosive push from the buttocks. Keep the back straight and tall all the time

End Position

Stand tall holding the bar with straight arms. Pull the shoulders back and chest up


Bend at the hips and the legs to bring the bar straight down again. Engage the hamstrings and buttocks to make the movement slow and controlled


Back to the start position. Repeat for the planned number of times. Don't bend your lower back on any repetition! Go down less far or stop the set if you cannot maintain a perfectly strong and neutral back


Get strong overall. Grow muscle overall. Strength for leg push and hip extension movements. Strengthen the buttocks, legs, and back, primarily m. gluteus maximus, m. biceps femoris