For this exercise, you need a Smith machine and an elevation to stand upon. You can use a weight disc or a stable block. Adjust the height of the bar and position the elevation, so that you can easily press the bar out of the fixation while standing on the edge of the block. Load the bar with the weight according to plan. Check that the block cannot overturn

Start Position

With the weight on your shoulders let the heels sink down until you feel a nice stretch in the back of the lower legs. Keep the upper body tall and strong and the legs straight


Lift the heels up

End Position

Stand on the toes as high as you can. Keep the highest position for a moment and try to press even higher


Lower the heels again. Keep the calf muscles engaged to make the movement slow and controlled


Back to the start position. Repeat for the planned number of times


Starke Waden aufbauen. Kraft um den Fuss zu strecken oder auf den Zehen zu stehen. Kräftigung der Muskeln des Unterschenkels, besonders des Zwillingswadenmuskels und des Schollenmuskels