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Fit For The Slopes

With Fit Drills Workouts you will be ready for great fun on and off-piste. The free plan Kick-Start Your Body should be your first step. Practice this high-intensity full-body circuit three to five times a week and your body will say thank you right from the first run! Double the fun for any day on the [...]

First 5k Run For Beginners

Jogging is an excellent fitness training where you run relaxed at a moderate speed. Did you ever dream about running five kilometers without a break? This program could well turn you into a 5k runner with a pace of about 7 minutes per kilometer in just about eight weeks.     http://www.fitdrills.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/appicon-e1476989832720.png [...]

Get Strong With The Barbell

This simple plan for effective strength training with a linear progression of the weights on four basic barbell exercises has been made popular by Mark Rippetoe's book Starting Strength. It was a clear-cut case for us to include it in the Fit Drills All-Time Top-100 Training Plans and we hope you will like to track [...]