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Fit Drills builds the most comprehensive and interactive compilation of human physical training exercises and shares them with athletes and coaches from many sports.

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  • DBA Workout Room Daniel Frey Fit Drills Interview

Daniel Frey – Dream Job Personal Trainer

Daniel Frey is a Swiss personal trainer who found his dream job. He developed his own training style together with the participants in his small group workouts. It's called Deep Body Awareness, a full body workout for everyone interested in longterm health and physical performance.

  • Swim 1500 m Fit Drills Plan Title

Swim 1500 m Straight for Beginners – The Ruth Kazez Plan

This plan inspired by Ruth Kazez brings you from zero to swimming 1500 m straight in about six weeks. Swimming is a great workout because you need to move your whole body against the resistance of the water. This works the cardiovascular system and brings all the benefits demonstrated for aerobic training with less impact.

  • Boy Side Flipping Fit Drills Post Title

Why We Do Participate in Sports

Physical activity and sports is such an elementary part of our lives, that some say movement is live and life is movement. The list presented here is my personal summary of some of the top reasons for doing sports. It is based on observation during my work as a fitness trainer in the gym and as a lifelong active athlete in many disciplines. Take the survey to rate the yourself.

  • alexander-melnichenko

Personal Trainer With A Big Heart in Odessa

Meet Alexander Melnichenko for this interview in his home-town Odessa, Ukraine. He is a fitness personal trainer and TRX specialist who sees his profession as much more than showing workout exercises to his clients.

  • Man on chest press machine Fit Drills blog title

Stronger On Gym Machines

How to get stronger and healthier on some of the most popular strength machines as safely and quickly as possible? The exercises in this simple workout cover all major muscle groups. It targets those muscles which work together in everyday  movements in a balanced way. Feel the difference after each workout and build a solid basic strength foundation for most everyday or sports activities.

  • Learning From Other Sports and Training Cultures

Bridging Sports and Movement Cultures

Comparing sport and physical activity cultures around the world can obviously be of interest for social scientist. For practitioners interested in optimal training for their own discipline, it can be very useful too. The observation of different other sports disciplines and training communities and even more so the active interaction between their representatives can be a rewarding learning experience. International sport has traditionally always be seen as a way to build international friendship.

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