You’re a personal trainer, athletic trainer, teacher, or coach that cares deeply about fitness. You genuinely care about your athlete’s health and you have the knowledge to help them achieve their goals. But sometimes it’s a drag to spend so much time finding clients when you want to be training. With Fit Drills, you can help all kinds of people and reach a new audience.

Publish your workouts, methods, and periodisations to inspire with new ideas for their training. Work with clients through our easy-to-use mobile app. Let us help you find clients so you can spend more time doing what you love!

Let us explain how to share your best plans on Fit Drills.


Fit Drills takes the best training plans from many different coaches. Different disciplines, expertise, and ideals are combined into one place so other coaches and athletes are able to learn from each other. In the near future you can run your personal training business from your house with Fit Drills! Communicate with your athlete’s clients and add your update to their personalised plans and tips based on their progress. Fit Drills’ flexible schedule helps you keep a nice work-life balance while helping a larger audience.

Serious Training

Our mobile app is designed for serious athletes and professional coaches. Based on our extensive research and your experience, we compile your plans into a unique format which lifts the quality of your training to a new level. We’d love to see your own plans and expertise shine through the Fit Drills platform. And give you access to the expertise of many outstanding coaches from all disciplines. Let us know if you’d like to get involved and see your plans on Fit Drills!

Personal Experiences

Personal trainers specialize in different areas and have different strengths to offer. Learning from the best, we want to add as much value to our athlete’s changing goals as possible. Utilizing a network of expert trainers will help athletes to find plans and information when they need it to keep them on track for their fitness goals. We know you too have a unique viewpoint and expertise that can help thousands of clients in the Fit Drills network.

How it Works

No shortcuts, just training plans for serious fitness. We believe in honesty and accountability. We take your plans and deliver them in an app which is simple and constantly improved for your athlete’s needs. All the information necessary for the client to achieve their next goal is delivered to them, whether they work out in the gym, stadium, park, or wherever. Sets, repetitions, different workout types, training cycles, and periodisation are supported for any training methods. Athletes will be able to simply keep track of their progress on their iPhones. The Fit Drills app also comes with flexible timers for each exercise to help you track time and keep the right pace where it is needed.

Sign Up as a Trainer Today!

We all know the effort it takes to get in shape and keep constantly striving for more progress. We understand that there are no one-size fits all solutions or supplements to magically help athletes achieve their goals in the long term. Each athlete needs to find his individual way out of many possibilities. But once a strategy and plan has been decided upon, it should be followed systematically and with the right tracking and feedback to constantly improve the training process. That’s why we’ve created Fit Drills. We’d love for you to join us. Contribute a plan and inspire new athletes on Fit Drills and get inspired from others yourself!

Text: Dan Holloran