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Fit For The Slopes

With Fit Drills Workouts you will be ready for great fun on and off-piste. The free plan Kick-Start Your Body should be your first step. Practice this high-intensity full-body circuit three to five times a week and your body will say thank you right from the first run! Double the fun for any day on the [...]

First 5k Run For Beginners

Jogging is an excellent fitness training where you run relaxed at a moderate speed. Did you ever dream about running five kilometers without a break? This program could well turn you into a 5k runner with a pace of about 7 minutes per kilometer in just about eight weeks. What is the difference between jogging [...]

Get Strong With The Barbell

This simple plan for effective strength training with a linear progression of the weights on four basic barbell exercises has been made popular by Mark Rippetoe's book Starting Strength. It was a clear-cut case for us to include it in the Fit Drills All-Time Top-100 Training Plans and we hope you will like to track [...]

Original Tabata Timer

Fit Drills contains a new plan with the original tabata timer. It is published in the training methods channel. The tabata training format was introduced by Japanese researcher Izumi Tabata in 1996. His study showed the system's effectiveness with highly trained speed skaters. Tabata showed the effectiveness of a high-intensity workout to increase the athlete's [...]