• All the information you need to achieve your training goals – in the gym, stadium, park or where ever you work out

  • Take the guesswork out of each step. Focus. Keep on track!

  • Keep a complete and precise training diary. Enjoy each small progress!

  • Get there faster. Turn your iPhone into a smart stopwatch for time-controlled routines.

Work on one or many plans in parallel. Know what’s on your next workout and what’s coming up in the next few weeks. Track a complete workout with one swipe.

Check plan completion and archive your training diary online. Repeat each plan as many times as needed.

Simple tracking: Start each workout from a quick overview. Flexibility: Add more sets and routines to adjust the plan according to your progress.

Simply swipe to mark an exercise complete. Drill down to track time with a stopwatch or change exercise loads.

Track your spontaneous unplanned workouts too. Use exercises from all plans. Check description and images for each exercise step or watch Fit Drills exercise videos online.


FIT DRILLS is an open platform for training plans from different coaches, disciplines and training styles.

Designed for the needs of professional coaches and serious athletes.

Based on experience with thousands of training plans in the gym and outside, extensive research and collaboration with likeminded coaches.

We would love to see Your plan in Fit Drills Top100 training charts!

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